Foundations of Web Development

This 8-session, 32-hour short course will give you:

  • A broad and detailed understanding of our digital world

  • Powerful new computer skills

  • A holistic, step-by-step introduction to the concepts of computer science, programming and software development

  • A guided, hands-on experience building actual websites and web applications with HTML, CSS & Javascript

Each four-hour session is detailed below:


1. Computers, Internet and The Web

What are they really, and how do they actually work?

In this session, we explore the foundations of our digital world and how it all fits together.

2. Web Applications

Web Applications are the engines of the The Web, and understanding them is key.

In this session, we explore what they are, what they do, and how they're built and operated.

3. Data Types & Expressions

Data Types & Expressions are the fundamental building blocks of software.

In this session, we explore the data types and how to use them in Javascript.

4. Logic

Software is essentially about decision-making using computers. So how do we tell a computer which decisions to make?

In this session we'll explore the basics of programming logic, and how we can use it to build anything imaginable.

5. Data Structures & Loops

When writing software we often with work collections of things: an album of photos, a ledger of transactions, a list of to-do's.

In this session we'll explore structured data and how to work with it.

6. Functions

Software is powerful, thanks in large part to functions.

They allow us to encapsulate action in a readable and reusable way.

In this session we'll explore how to write sensible functions that get the job done.

7. Back-end Applications

Back-end applications are where The Web does it's work. They connect to data sources, make important decisions, and provide information to the human interfaces that we use everyday.

In this session we'll explore what back-end applications are, how they work, and how to build them.

8. Front-end Applications

Front-end applications are what we as humans interact with every time we open our Web Browser.

In this session we'll explore what building well-crafted experiences for The Web entails, with a special practical focus on HTML, CSS and Javascript.